DNA, A Symphony in Four Notes

An exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago, IL,  Summer 1989

At the beginning of the summer of 1989, a friend on staff at Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry asked if I'd help out as a Show Operator for an exhibit using live talent and Show Control.  I didn't even know what show control was at the time, but it turned out to be a pretty fun gig and learning experience.

This is the lighting console that was used, a Sunn PLC 3200, specifically chosen for its ability to accept MIDI.











In the bottom of each "note" column were 4-500PAR64s, 2 MFL, and 2 WFL.  Truss goal posts in the museum's balcony had PAR64s and Altman 360Qs.  Dimmers were two 12x2.4Kw Colortran Dimension 192 packs.  The twelve Kodak E-III 35mm slide projectors were controlled by single dissolve units that hung on the back of the projectors and connected with RJ-11 cables; I can't think of the name of them, may have been Dataton or Arion.  A  Macintosh HD, running MasterTracks?, ran the entire show, controlling Roland sequencers.


Here is a two-minute edit of the twenty minute show.