DL's Technical Theatre Books

The following is my list of books on technical theatre/live entertainment, not including books on acting, directing, theatre history, or general theatre.  Current as of April 27, 2010.

Author(s) Title Edition Publisher Year URL Comments
Williams, R. Gillespie The Technique of Stage Lighting
Sir Isaac Pitman & Sons 1947
Burris-Meyer, Harold and Cole, Edward C. Theatres & Auditoriums
Reinhold 1949

Williams, R. Gillespie The Technique of Stage Lighting Revised Sir Isaac Pitman & Sons 1952
Philippi, Herbert Stagecraft and Scene Design
Houghton Mifflin 1953

Fuchs, Theodore Stage Lighting
Benjamin Blom 1957
Originally published 1929.
McCandless, Stanley A Method of Lighting the Stage Fourth Edition Theatre Arts Books 1958
Originally published 1932.
Selden, Samuel and Sellman, Hunton D. Stage Scenery and Lighting Third Edition Appleton-Century-Crofts 1959
Originally published 1930.
Southern, Richard Stage Setting for Amateurs and Professionals
Theatre Arts Books 1960

Kenton, Warren Stage Properties and How to Make Them
Sir Isaac Pitman & Sons 1964
McCandless, Stanley A Syllabus of Stage Lighting Eleventh Edition Drama Book Specialists 1964
spiral bound
Mielziner, Jo Designing for the Theatre
Bramwall House 1965

Bentham, Frederick The Art of Stage Lighting
Taplinger Publishing Company 1968

Cimbalo, Guy A Guide to Stage Lighting Instruments
Rodale Press 1968
Pamphlet really (47 pages) by Theater Crafts Magazine
Rubin, Joel E. and Watson, Leland H. Theatrical Lighting Practice 4th Printing Theatre Arts Books 1968
Originally published 1954.
ATPB Theatre Check List, A Guide to the Planning and Construction of Proscenium and Open Stage Theatres Wesleyan University Press 1969

Mullin, Donald C. The Development of the Playhouse
University of California Press 1970

Burris-Meyer, Harold and Cole, Edward C. Scenery for the Theatre Revised Edition Little, Brown and Company 1971
Originally published 1938.
Gillette, A. S. Stage Scenery, Its Construction and Rigging Second Edition Harper & Row 1972

Rosenthal, Jean and Wertenbaker, Lael The Magic of Light
Little, Brown and Company 1972
Published posthumously
Russell, Douglas A. Stage Costume Design,  Theory, Technique, and Style Prentice-Hall 1973

Bay, Howard Stage Design
Drama Book Specialists 1974

Bellman, Willard F. Lighting the Stage, Art and Practice Second Edition Chandler Publishing Company 1974
Originally published 1967.
Warfel, William B. Handbook of Stage Lighting Graphics Second Edition Drama Book Specialists 1974
spiral bound
Pecktal, Lynn Designing and Painting for the Theatre
Holt, Rinehart, and Winston 1975

Simon, Bernard Simon's Directory of Theatrical Materials, Services, and Information Fifth Edition Package Publicity Service 1975

Wehlburg, Albert F. C. Theatre Lighting: An Illustrated Glossary
Drama Book Specialists 1975
spiral bound
Bellman, Willard F. Scenography and Stage Technology, An Introduction Thomas Y. Crowell Company 1977

Gillette, J. Michael Designing with Light
Mayfield Publishing Company 1978
Has been updated
General Electric Stage/Studio Lamps Pocket Catalog Form SS-123P General Electric 1979
Pamphlet, 52 pages
Parker, W. Oren and Smith, Harvey K. Scene Design and Stage Lighting Fourth Edition Holt, Rinehart, and Winston 1979
Originally published 1963. Has been updated many times
Pilbrow, Richard Stage Lighting Revised Edition Drama Book Specialists 1979
Originally published 1970.
Warfel, William B. and Klappert, Walter R. Color Science for Lighting the Stage
Yale University Press 1981
spiral bound
Powers, Bill Behind the Scenes of a Broadway Musical
Crown Publishers 1982

Sellman, Hunton D. and Lessley, Merrill Essentials of Stage Lighting Second Edition Prentice-Hall 1982
Good history section
Wolf, Thomas Presenting Performances, A Handbook for Sponsors Fifth Edition American Council for the Arts 1983

Armstrong, Leslie and Morgan, Roger Space for Dance, An Architectural Design Guide Publishing Center for Cultural Resources 1984

Palmer, Richard H. The Lighting Art, The Aesthetics of Stage Lighting Design Prentice-Hall 1985

Shagan, Rena The Road Show, A Handbook for Successful Booking and Touring in the Performing Arts ACA Books 1985

Streader, Tim and Williams, John A. Create Your Own Stage Lighting
Prentice-Hall 1985

Moody, James L. Concert Lighting, Techniques, Art, and Business Focal Press 1989
Has been updated
Warfel, William B. The New Handbook of Stage Lighting Graphics
Drama Book Specialists 1990
spiral bound
Boulanger, Norman C. and Lounsbury, Warren C. Theatre Lighting from A to Z
University of Washington Press 1992
spiral bound
Fitt, Brian and Thornley, Joe Lighting By Design, A Technical Guide
Focal Press 1992

Reid, Francis The Stage Lighting Handbook Fourth Edition A & C Black 1992
Originally published 1976.
Cunningham, Glen Stage Lighting Revealed, A Design and Execution Handbook Betterway Books 1993

Vasey, John Concert Sound and Lighting Systems Second Edition Focal Press 1993

Cadick, John Electrical Safety Handbook
McGraw-Hill 1994

Carter, Paul Backstage Handbook, an Illustrated Almanac of Technical Information Third Edition Broadway Press 1994

Huntington, John Control Systems for Live Entertainment
Focal Press 1994

Miller, James Hull Stage Lighting in the Boondocks Fourth Edition Meriwether Publishing 1995
Originally published 1981.
Salzer, Beeb The Skeptical Scenographer
Broadway Press 1995

Brown, Blair Motion Picture and Video Lighting Revised Edition Focal Press 1996

Essig, Linda Lighting and the Design Idea
Harcourt Brace College Publishers 1997

Mumm, Robert C. Photometrics Handbook Second Edition Broadway Press 1997

Gillette, J. Michael Designing with Light Third Edition Mayfield Publishing Company 1998
Has been updated
Hays, David Light on the Subject Revised Edition Limelight Editions 1998
Originally published 1989.
Campbell, Drew Technical Theater for Nontechnical People
Allworth Press 1999

FPS Wholehog II Handbook Version 3.2 Flying Pig Systems 1999
spiral bound
Fraser, Neil Stage Lighting Design, A Practical Guide
The Crowood Press 1999

Keller, Max Light Fantastic, The Art and Design of Stage Lighting Prestel 1999

Kelly, Thomas A. The Back Stage Guide to Stage Management Second Edition Back Stage Books 1999
Originally published 1991.
Shelley, Steven Louis A Practical Guide to Stage Lighting
Focal Press 1999
Has been updated in 2009
Essig, Linda The Speed of Light
Heinemann 2002

Moody, James L. The Business of Theatrical Design
Allworth Press 2002

Box, Harry C. Set Lighting Technician's Handbook Third Edition Focal Press 2003

Higgs, Chris Rigging for Entertainment: Regulations and Practice Entertainment Technology Press 2003
Bell, Robert Let There Be Light
Entertainment Technology Press 2004
NFPA NFPA 70E: Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace NFPA 2004

Schiller, Brad The Automated Lighting Programmer's Handbook Focal Press 2004

Davidson, Dr. Randall W. A. Practical Health and Safety Guidelines for School Theater Operations Risk International Publishing 2005

Hart, George V. and Hart, Sammie UGLY'S Electrical References Revised 2005 Edition Burleson Distributing Corporation 2005
plastic comb bound
Cadena, Richard Automated Lighting
Focal Press 2006

Mobsby, Nick Practical DMX
Entertainment Technology Press 2006
Glerum, Jay O. Stage Rigging Handbook Third Edition Southern Illinois University Press 2007

Huntington, John Control Systems for Live Entertainment Third Edition Focal Press 2007

Mobsby, Nick The Followspot Guide
Entertainment Technology Press 2007
Sapsis, Bill HEADS! & Tales
Sapsis Publications 2007

Halliday, Rob Entertainment in Production Volume I: 1994-1999 Entertainment Technology Press 2008
Halliday, Rob Entertainment in Production Volume II: 2001-2006 Entertainment Technology Press 2008
Cadena, Richard Electricity for the Entertainment Electrician & Technician Focal Press 2009

Parichy, Dennis Illuminating the Play
Heinemann 2009

Shelley, Steven Louis A Practical Guide to Stage Lighting Second Edition Focal Press 2009