REFERENCE DOCUMENTS: Some charts/docs I have found useful in the workshop/carpentry shop/lighting shop.


Random Information:

Strand Century Lekolites: 

An Excel workbook that shows RGB equivalent values for Roscolux, LEE Filters, and GAMcolor filters: AllGels2.xls.  Update:  AllGels2-RGB.xls.

An Excel workbook that calculates the effects of voltage on incandescent lamps: LampFormulas.xls. Update: LampFormulas2.xls.

Spent the better part of the day cataloging my library: List of Technical Theatre Books,

Someone needed information on Berkey Colortran ellipsoids: BC_ellipsoids.pdf.

An Apollo Right Arm fixture personality for the ETC Expression3, (5 channels: 16-bit Pan&Tilt+Speed).  Untested and Unverified.

What's Connected? article on dimmer loads by ETC's Steve Terry, written in 2005 

ConnectorBoard.pdf, a PDF of a Board of Connectors I built as a "teaching aid." 

Theatrical Hardware page, current as of 1980, from Stage Scenery, Its Construction and Rigging, Second Edition, A. S. Gillette, Harper & Row, 1972, page 87. 

Here's an article I wrote, published in the March 2008 issue of Lighting and Sound America, on Building Your Own Color Extender

Here's a good website that talks about Xenon Lamps, such as those used in the Strong Super Trouper®

Confused by TwistLock™, TurnLoc™, and other NEMA wiring devices?  Download this chart from Pass & Seymour/ Legrand.  Great reference! 

Strand Lighting's version of Automatic Transfer Switch for Emergency Lighting Circuits, PDF

Need the User Manual for the original Lighwave Research Dataflash?  Not the AF-1000!  DataFlashdf.pdf

A conversion chart:   FractionalEquivalents.pdf  (A "coffin lock key" is a hex (Allen) head wrench 5/16" or 8mm.)


Stage Lighting Photometric Information: 

ETC_Photometric1996.xls  is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet written by ETC shortly after the introduction of the SourceFour ERS in 1992.  I'm currently working on a similar one that may include PARs and Fresnels and maybe even the PARnel, but my first priority will be updating to include the new lenses and 750w lamps.  UPDATE:  Conv_Photometrics_v3.xls is the new Photometric Performance spreadsheet, as of 09/12/07.  Update again:  A user requested I add long-life HPL lamps, thus Version4, in .zipped format.   01/25/08:  Yet another new version, due to ETC updating their photometric performance sheets.  Updated to add the XWFL (buxom) lens for the ETC S4-PAR:

UPDATE 01/23/09: Current version is

Also discovered this Bucknell Univ. Lighting Design Photometrics Calculator.  Web-based. Unfortunately, does not include intensity information, and is slightly inaccurate as to field sizes, and does not include beam size calculations.

Here's another, much better one: Photometrics Spreadsheet.xls, from Jeffrey Salzberg's site. See also Stage Lighting for Students.


Other Useful Information:

What size screw do I need?      NailsScrews.pdf  How many 8 penny nails in a pound? Approx. 101.

Gel Color Conversion Chart:   LuxtoLEEGAM.pdf  Can I use L205 instead of X3408?  Maybe...  I am not one to take credit for another's work.  Thanks to Christopher S. Wynn, who created this in 1998, while at UCSD.  He did the typing, I merely imported it into Excel and made it look nice.  If anyone knows of Christopher, please give him my thanks.

Martin Atomic 3000 Dipswitch Chart:   atomic3K_dipsw.pdf.

I wish I could remember where I found the original of this.  I did not invent it, I merely copied the format.  I have charts for Intellabeams, Dataflashes, ChromaQ scrollers, and other devices using dipswitches to set DMX address. It's one of those things that, when I don't have it, I get really annoyed, having to do all that higher-level mathematics, like addition. 

This old chestnut seems to appear as new on the 'net every few years.  TheatreLogic.pdf

If you're as geeky as me, and I doubt anyone is, you'll enjoy this diatribe about the development, in the 1960s, of a British "ellipsoidal reflector spotlight."  Patt263history.pdf

In the words of my hero, Larry the Cable Guy, "That's funny right there."     KISS the Pandas

The ControlBooth forum is not letting me post, so I am putting this here.  (08/22/07:  Correction, problem remedied).  The attached rant is my response to a thread regarding ETC's newest console, the ION.  It's not even supposed to be advertised yet. Read my thoughts  here.   02/02/08:  I will be getting a full demo of both the Eos and Ion soon, so keep checking this space.

The best possible use for an Altman 360Q-6x16:

Which was the inspiration for this "new and improved" model, the ETC 436: 

Currently lighting my office desktop using a 14w CFL. CB Discussion here.

Wrote "A Brief History of Gel" and re-purposed it here. 

Did you ever put a baggy in a followspot?  Read my account of the experiment here.


WEBSITES I LIKE AND VISIT:  Some random websites that I think have useful information (some are mine). 

Here is an article I wrote about inexpensive LED ParCans. 

Meet my newest internet friend, Andy-an NYC Soundman.

My own ETC MicroVision Tribute Page.  Looking back, I loved that little board, just not-so-much at the time. If  anyone has one they'd like to dispose of, to a good home, contact me.  Link to MicroVisionFX User Manual, 1991.

Does the SeaChanger infringe on this US6796683.pdf filed by High End Systems in 2003?  I would think so, but maybe not, I'm not a patent lawyer.

Here's a site every theatre technician should know.  If you don't know who "Dr. Doom" is, go here

Want to know Derek's FICO score?

Meet my newest internet friend, Kris.  I have a reciprocal link policy. 

A brand-new e-zine, Modern Followspot Monthly, for those of us into that sort of thing.

I just read an interesting article in the August 2007 issue of Lighting and Sound America.  Sonny Sonnenfeld interviews Joe Tawil about Joe's past and Great American Market (now GAM Products).  There are two errors I think should be corrected.  1) It was "Berkey" Photo, not Berkeley, that bought Colortran in the 1970s and, 2) They manufactured "Gelatran" color media, not Geltran.  Errors like this drive me nuts, but they appear in all the lighting rags.  I'm guessing it's, usually, not the author's fault, but the editor's.  Unfortunately, the article is not on the magazine's webpage, but you can subscribe here.  Any thoughts on the article, or the errors?

 The 10 Commandments for Spotlight Operators:

Electronic Theatre Controls

The Light Network, a forum for stage lighting folks: AND --a friendlier, more casual forum for all technical theatre persons, from high-schoolers to seasoned professionals.

Unlimited Visibility Lighting Design:

Las Vegas Review Journal, a local newspaper:

For my favorite lighting control console, other than the Kliegl Performer, visit the MA-share forum.

As a hobby, I buy and devour stage lighting textbooks.  My favorite recent book is The Speed of Light, by Linda Essig.  The author was Assistant Lighting Designer and I was Swing Board Operator (Colortran Prestige 2000), for the Chicago premiere of Driving Miss Daisy at the Briar St. Theatre in 1987.  Lighting Design was by Arden Fingerhut, a wonderful person and designer.  The book details the history of stage lighting innovation over the last twenty-five years.  If you've ever wanted to know "Who invented DMX?," read this book!

If you're really into stage pin plugs: Discussion from forum.

Can't wait to use this new LED fixture: Color Split






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