Stage Lighting History:2008

A typical show for me these days. 

Two Avo Pearls, controlling 144 dimmers, controlling 200 PAR Cans, 8Lights, ACLs; and 40 Vari*Lite VL3000 Spots and Washes.  I was Lighting Crew Chief.  Above me were the Lighting Designer, Ass't. Designer, Lighting Coordinator, and  Production Electrician.  Slightly top-heavy in management, but it worked.


A Prize to whomever spots the safety violation in this picture, which I just now noticed!   (The PE directed the laying of the feeder).



The ML Distro under the Opto's is just a spare, as we only had about forty movers.


Notice my LED PAR Can sitting on top of rack#1.  I gave it DMX, and kept it addressed as 001.  That way I could tell what dimmers 1>4 were doing, without looking at the rig or the indicator lights.  "Oh, look, the LD's bumping the truss toners." 



This is the way the backs of all Road Racks should look.  Neatness is next to....  My motto: neat/clean/organized, but not immaculate, as it's leaving in five days.


From SR, looking toward SL. 


Twelve six-bars with three pale colors as Frontlight, two-color PARcan Sidelight, and Backlight/aerials provided by the movers.

The in-house truss "mother grid" and motors floated on Monday. Lighting arrived Tuesday. Desiners/Programmers arrived from the Far East late Wednesday evening. Performance was 8pm-11pm Saturday night; and two 53' trucks were back on their way to the local shop by 3:00am Sunday.  Removing the stage slowed us down some, as that wasn't cleared until midnight.  


While I don't deal too much with equipment budgets, I'm guessing this was about a $40,000 lighting rental for the week.  And in five days, I only got 40 regular and 18 overtime hours!