Stage Lighting History:2008a

PAR64 LED and PAR38 LED shoot-out with 6" Fresnel; guess who wins?

LED Comparisons

Having recently purchased, for my own use, a “generic” Asian-manufactured PAR64 LED ($119 from Solaris: and a Chauvet COLORsplash Jr. ($49.99 from Centerstage:, I thought a comparison between them and an “old skool” six-inch Fresnel might be interesting.

What follow is, as always, a non-scientific study of fixtures in my home’s garage.  My 10’ “pipe” of Unistrut is getting crowded!  Eventually, I’ll do a VectorWorks plot.  The Westlite 8”FS may have to be struck, as it’s missing its innards; but everything else is fully functioning.

Here are the foot-candle readings at fifteen feet:






Unfortunately, I didn’t have any R26 or R90 color media to put into the Fresnel.

A bunch of pictures follow, most are self-explanatory, but I’ll caption anyway. 

Back of Electro Controls 6”FS.

Back of PAR64 and PAR38 LED units.

Front of EC Fresnel with R80.  Ignore the 4” Fresnel that came from the Sands Copa Room.

Front of PAR38 and PAR64 LEDs.

500W, 6”Fresnel with R80, spot focus.

PAR64, BLU @ FL.

PAR38, BLU @ FL.

500W, 6”Fresnel, No Color, spot focus.

PAR64, RGB @ FL, camera set to “Auto white balance.”

PAR38, RGB @ FL, camera set to “Tungsten.”  Color fringing on the edges AND in the center of the beam.  Could not be used without some sort of frost, and no provision for a color holder.

Next, and sometimes more important, is how the fixtures look from the front.  LEDs @ 10%.  Here is the Solaris model.

Chauvet COLORsplash Jr.; LEDs at 10%.  Note that the RED has it’s own row, and the GRN and BLU share rows, yet the RED was the least even color.

PAR64 purchased from ebay last October, for $151 delivered.  Came with absolutely no documentation whatsoever.  Has an LED display for setting address and modes, but I don’t know what any of the modes are.  All LEDs are visibly lit even when sending zero on all DMX channels.  I suspect this is to smooth the dimmer curve and eliminate some of the “steppy-ness” for which LEDs are known at low levels.  This unit has a significantly narrower beam than the other PAR64 can, as well.  It's a shame I can never be sure of buying another like it, as it would make a great truss warmer.

I hope someone finds this article helpful.  Derek.   

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